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Dr Expat FZ LLC trading as Doctor Expat, is a leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency in Dubai which offers the complete solution for all Doctors, Dentists, and Allied Health Care Professionals who wish to secure their future in the United Arab Emirates. We have been established to fill a professional gap in the market. Hundreds of Medical Professionals, whether a Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse, have found themselves spending hours searching various sites and posting numerous blogs to find the information they need.


Dr Expat provide a service for candidates who are ELIGIBLE to apply for the Professional License.

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Doctor Expat aims to become the leading Healthcare Recruitment and Doctor Consultancy service.

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Our specialist team of experienced consultants speak with Doctors and other Healthcare professionals…

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We are here to help in any way we can.
Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked question…

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Please note there are no refunds on exam papers so please check with us for all information before purchasing…

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Please note there are no refunds on exam papers so please check with us for all information before purchasing…

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I got my current job through Doctor Expat. Kaneez was the one who worked with me. She got me 6 appointments back to back within couple of days and I’ve got 5 great offers. And she actually helped me to choose the clinic also as I was new in Dubai and didn’t know much about the clinics and market etc. And even couple of weeks after I got the job she came to me to the clinic to make sure that I’m happy with my choice, I was really impressed how she maintains customer relationship.

Lyana Kozhokova
Specialist Dermatologist

It doesn’t matter if the government license system changes during your process, or any another kind of bureaucratic issues, Dr Expat team follow you in all steps of this process until you get successful. I have just finished my license process in Abu Dhabi and I really recommend them! Mrs. Veena was very professional

Many thanks

Ana Rita Rossi Schmitz
Laser and Beauty Therapist

Dear all from Doctors in Dubai I would like to thank all the team for the excellent job that you have done along my licensing process in UAE

Sandra Fiorentini

I have had the pleasure to work with the Dr Expat team for many years, both on a personal and professional level. They have been exemplary in their work ethics and very efficient. We managed to recruit several strong candidates for my company after submitting our candidate profiles. Their responsiveness and communication is also noteworthy.

On a personal level, the team helped me secure several opportunities and were methodical in matching my skills and experience with the right level position.

I wish them all the best.

Dr. Ziad Al Obeidi
Medical Director

Doctor Expat comes to fill a gap between the candidate and the company. It is the most reliable and effective company. Mario will deal personally and match the resume with the appropriate company. I highly recommend Doctor expat to any professional health care candidate in the region.

Dr. Ioannis Faklaris
General Dentist

Extremely efficient team. Team of extremely qualified professionals to help you obtain a license and a job in Dubai. They do everything for you. So your concern will be only get ready for the test if necessary depending on your nationality and education. I highly recommend them!

Andre Mattos
Plastic Surgeon

Dr Expat has been a wonderful resource in guiding me to an excellent position in a Middle East Clinic. Insofar as Professional Placement, they research the Quality of the Institution, it’s organization, the calibre of staff, and their Sustainability. If you are a Professional seeking employment, OR, if you are a Hospital/Clinic Looking for a Qualified Professional; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Expat to Bridge the two interests!

Dr. John Graham

Dr Expat is a very efficient team of highly qualified professionals that help you obtain a license and a job in Dubai. All the process to get the license was conducted by them and I was very happy with their work

Ricardo Oliveria

Dr Expat was a great help to get smooth licensing process, I have tried to do this on my own and I did realize how important to get professional licensing agency to help you in process!
Sarah was awesome, very knowledgeable and helpful in the process! Highly recommended
I will use again without hesitation!

Wael Nasser
Pulmonologist and Critical Care Specialist

I have been dealing with Dr Expat for the last few months and have found them to be professional, courteous, and reliable Recruitment organization. After having contacted them for work opportunities, they managed to find me a suitable job within a short period and I am currently in the process of joining my employer soon. I am based in Germany and it has been a pleasure to deal with Dr Expat who have guided me throughout the whole onboarding process, which otherwise would have proven to be a difficult and lengthy process.

Dr. Sadaf Sadeghi
Specialist Dermatologist

My experience with Dr Expat team, with Mr. Shane and Miss Veena, working on my DHA license process, and as well with finding me a physiotherapy position in Dubai, suitable to my wishes, was first class experience. They are always very professional and trust worthy. I highly recommend them!

Evelin Nezic
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