How can I register for your packages?

You may visit our packages section and select the package you wish to buy. If you first wish to check your eligibility, please purchase the Primary Assessment Package


How can Doctor Expat help me?

The whole registration process in applying for a DHA, DOH or MOH licence can be very daunting. For someone who is not familiar with the rules and regulations in the UAE, searching through various websites is extremely time consuming. We take that burden away from you at a small cost. All you need to do is tell us your profession, complete basic details, provide us with the requested documentation, and we will do the rest.


So how does this work?

Once you have registered on our site for the desired package, we will send you an email requesting you what you need to send us so we can proceed with the registration process. Once we have advised you of your eligibility based on the information you have provided to us, and you purchase the package, we can start the process.


Am I exempt from the exam if I meet the criteria?

Exemption for the exams is not guaranteed even if you do have the required certificates. Each case is assessed on a case by case scenario and the final decision for any exemption is decided by the examination committee. Documents would need to be submitted at the time of application.


I dont have a license in my home country where I am currently working, can I still apply for the UAE License?

NO. Experience is only counted if it is LICENSED experience.


What kind of information would this be?

It really depends on your profession, but generally the information required for all professions is more or less the same. For example, mandatory requirements would be:

  • Educational Certificates,(All required in Colour Copy)
  • Passport photo, Passport Copy
  • Experience Letter for last 5 years for a Specialist and Consultant. For GP Level 2 years plus 1 year Internship
  • Good Standing Certificate from latest medical council not more than 6 months
  • Medical Board Registration Certificate
  • For surgeons, Log book for last 2 years is required. This needs to be signed and stamped by the Medical Director of the clinic/facility and by yourself


What is PSV?

PSV (Primary Source Verification) is the process of checking the educational background, training, experience as well as other credentials of all healthcare practitioners applying for registration and licensing in both the private and public healthcare sectors in the UAE. The company used to perform PSV is Data Flow, a third Party organization.


What is the validity for Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

Good Standing Certificate is valid for 6 months only. For some countries like the UK, Good Standing is only valid for 3 months.


What do you mean by Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

Good Standing Certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body from where your previous license has been issued.
The GSC must confirm that:

  • You are entitled to practise medicine in the appropriate country AND
  • You were not disqualified, suspended or prohibited from practising medicine AND
  • The regulatory authority is not aware of any matters that call into question your good standing


How long will this whole registration process take?

This whole process once we have been given all the documentation, can take 8-10 weeks. It can take longer if more information is requested. Please note that when documents are verified by Data Flow, this is an independent company and verification can take up to 3 months. This is done independently from DHA and we have no control over this.


So once this has been done, what happens next?

Once you have submitted all your documentation to us and the Data Flow has been completed, you will be advised to book your exam if required. You can still sit your exam while Data Flow is being conducted. Only once Data Flow has been completed and you have passed the exam can the license be issued.


Do you also apply for our license? Does your package include exam fees?

For all the licenses, the package fees DO NOT include examination costs. This needs to be paid directly to the examination board when booking the exam.


What are dual packages?

These packages are designed where you can choose to apply for a license in 2 or more Emirates.


Why would we need to apply for both?

If you want to increase your chances of finding a job, it is advisable to apply for all the Emirates.


If I purchase a dual package, will you apply for all of them simultaneously?

No, we will first apply for one of the licenses (either DHA, DOH or MOH, this will be decided on case by case). Once the data flow has been completed, we will then apply for the other Emirate.


Why can't you apply for them together?

We can, however the cost will double as we would effectively be submitting the same documents twice to Data Flow, and this will complicate matters within the authority. Once Data flow has been completed which is only required once, we will submit the Data Flow Report to the other authority and pay the transfer fees. This will save time and money.


What if I already have Data Flow?

If you have previously applied for a license with DHA, MOH or DOH, and you have already received your Data Flow report, then you would need to send us the Data Flow report. so we can check if there will be any reduction in cost.


Do I need to sit for the Prometric exam in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi only?

DHA Licensing uses Prometric.
They have a robust test center network in 135 countries. So you can choose the country you wish to sit the exam for the professions where Prometric is required. Check our examination section for details on this.

DOH has international test centres for Pearson:
Some specialists and consultants need to sit the exam locally in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Refer to our examination section


Will Doctor Expat help me find a job?

Of course we will help you find a job. We cannot guarantee you a job, but will do our best to help


If I change my mind after I have paid, how can I get a refund?

Your transaction can be cancelled and refunded; only if it was a mistake within 1 week of making payment. You will need to pay the processing and transaction fees. Any referral fees which have been paid will also be deducted. In no other circumstances are refunds available on licensing or examination packages. Please ensure before making any purchase, that you meet the eligibility criteria by checking with the DHA (Dubai Health Authority)


Do you charge us in finding a job?

No. We never charge a candidate in finding a job. We receive our fees from the Medical Facility.


What is Malpractice Insurance?

Evidence of malpractice insurance is required for all approved applications before issuing the license. This is usually taken out by the employer on your behalf. Only after you have malpractice insurance the license can be issued.


What happens if I fail the exam?

If you fail, then you would need to rebook the exam which will incur a new fee. After the third attempt, there is a waiting period of two years before you can reapply for the license.


Where is your office located?

Please check our contact details for our office location


Are the exam papers actual past papers?

Most of the questions are actual questions which students have given with worked answers. They are not actual past papers, but they are an excellent form of study material.


What if I dont want to apply for the licence yet and just want help in finding a job?

You can still do this as some hospitals do sponsor you in getting the licence. However, 9 out of 10 times, having the licence will increase your chances in finding a job. If you have this, you would be ready to leave your country and start work immediately instead of starting the whole registration process if you are fortunate enough to be accepted.


Once I get the license, how long is it valid for?

All physicians are required to renew their professional license annually.
The criteria for the renewal of a professional license the applicant must demonstrate compliance to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement.
30 credit points of accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year.
CPD points shall be accredited by one of the accrediting bodies recognized by DHA.
The reporting of the CPD requirement for the purpose of license renewal must be by submitting/uploading copy of the certificates.
Valid malpractice insurance
Recent Practice (current employment certificate
Evidence of completing CPD points


How do you accept payment?

The preferred and quickest method of payment is credit or debit card. We also accept bank transfer to the UAE, India and UK. Contact us for Bank Details


I heard all licenses have been unified. What does this mean?

Unification simply means the PQR is now the same. Each authority is still its own, and you still need to apply to each one if you want to work in that state. The requirements however, to qualify for a license is now the same across the board.
This DOES NOT mean if you have the DHA eligibility letter, that you can freely work in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, and vice versa. To be able to obtain a license transfer in any of the authorities, you have to first obtain the license. Check our license transfer packages for more details