Writing a good CV

When you’re looking for work, you need an attractive, clear, and memorable CV

(Curriculum Vitae) that shows your potential employer all the skills and experience you have for the job.

What should you include in a CV?

This article mainly focuses on writing a UAE-style CV. If you’re applying for a job internationally, be aware that the standard length, format, and tone can vary from country to country. It’s a good idea to check the expected format in the country or company you’re applying to.

Contact details

Make sure the potential employer has a way of contacting you. Include your full name, telephone number and email address.


In many countries, employers expect to see a professionally-presented photograph on a CV. It’s advisable to include a forward-facing photo, avoiding any sideways or angled shotsOpt for a white background and formal attire. It’s recommended to forego hair accessories and vibrant colors.


List your significant qualifications in chronological order, starting with the latest. Incorporate the precise months of commencement and completion.

Work experience

List and date the jobs you’ve had and the companies you’ve worked for, starting with the most recent. Include your job title, responsibilities, and achievements in the job.

If your work experience is extensive, provide the job titles while using discretion in choosing which responsibilities and accomplishments to emphasize. Reduce the detail about jobs that are less relevant to the role you’re applying for and draw attention to the most important experience you bring.


These could include the languages you speak and any other professional skills you might have that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.



Before you start getting ready to list your qualifications and work experience, here are eight useful tips to think about.

1. Keep it short … but not too short!

Your CV should be between one to a maximum of five sides of A4 paper. If you find you’ve got too much information, summarise, and select the most relevant points. If it’s shorter than a page, consider including more information about your skills and the responsibilities you had in your previous roles.

2. Use active verbs.

When you describe what you have achieved in previous jobs, use active verbs for a strong positive effect on the reader. For example, to make a change from was responsible for, use verbs like led or managed (a team / a project); created or developed (a product / a positive atmosphere); delivered (results/training); and provided (support/training).

3. Fill in the gaps.

Avoid leaving gaps in your employment history. If you were traveling the world, on maternity leave or studying, include that in your CV.

4. Make sure it’s up to date.

Always ensure your CV is up to date. Include your most recent experience at the top of each section.

5. Don’t exaggerate or lie.

Your potential employer can easily check information about where you have studied and worked. Don’t be tempted to lie or exaggerate about your expertise, because sooner or later this will be discovered and may result in you losing the job.

6. Spend time on the layout.

Make sure your CV is clear and easy to read. Use bullet points and appropriate spacing, keep your sentences short, line up your lists neatly and use a professional-looking font (for example Arial or Times New Roman font size 11-12)

7. Check for mistakes.

Errors on a CV leave a negative impression. Utilize spell check, thoroughly review your CV, and consider having someone else review it before submission.

8. Include a cover letter.

When you send your CV to apply for a job, you should send it with a cover letter or email to introduce your application. The cover letter should show your personal interest in the role, highlight the skills, and experience you bring, and encourage the employer to read the attached CV.

Writing a good CV takes time and is hard work, but these tips will help you get the best possible start in your job search.

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Written By Farzana Patel

1st September 2023

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