Why hire a recruitment company?

The primary function of recruitment firms is to help businesses, organisations, and employers find the ideal candidates for their openings while also helping job seekers find new roles. They possess specialised knowledge of the job market that enables them to spot talents and link them with businesses that need them.

Hiring a recruiting professional has the potential to streamline your hiring strategy and process. Especially as top talent becomes more difficult to secure, it takes a dedicated resource to find and recruit the best candidates for your growing team. For individuals seeking help from a professional recruiting firm is the way to successfully get through the hiring process!


Save time

Engaging in a job search, reviewing resumes, and screening candidates require time which is something hiring managers don’t have a lot with their already time-consuming tasks. A recruiter’s role is to locate top talent and handle the screening process, allowing managers to focus on the most qualified candidates and seal the deal. Especially if you’re a smaller business with limited resources, the time and money spent waiting for the ideal candidate can be frustrating and time-consuming. Because recruiters can dedicate 100% of their time to this process, they can get the best people through the door faster, cutting the costs of paid postings.


Secure Talent

In a pool of applicants, it can be tough to track down the right people without spending hours searching. Experienced recruiters know where to look and they know how to use their existing network of contacts to their advantage. A talented recruiter highlights candidates strengths and interests and remembers small details from their interactions to stay in touch and for future openings. So, when the time comes, recruiters know the best way to present an opportunity to get them interested.





Personalized approach:

Our CareerBoost package focuses on your unique needs, aspirations, and background, offering tailored advice and strategies designed to help you achieve your specific career goals.

Actionable strategies:     

Receive practical guidance on effective job search techniques, networking, interview preparation, and personal branding to enhance your marketability and increase your chances of success.


Enhanced confidence:

Our career coaches work with you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement, helping you build confidence in your skills and abilities as you pursue new opportunities.



Career growth and development:

Through ongoing support and coaching, we help you stay on track with your career development, identify potential growth opportunities, and adapt your strategy as your career evolves.


Support through career transitions:

Whether you’re changing careers, re-entering the workforce, or seeking a promotion, our CareerBoost provides the support and guidance you need to successfully navigate these transitions.



Navigating the complexities of today’s job market can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. Dr. Expat’s CareerBoost Package is a Career Coaching service providing personalised guidance and support to help you overcome obstacles, identify opportunities, and achieve your professional goals.

We work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy, equipping you with the tools, insights, and confidence needed to excel in your chosen field.

Our experts take an individual approach to each candidate and don’t have a repository of pre-written samples and templates.

We make sure that your resume will be unique and well-built. In addition to completing your resume, we send it to numerous employers. This will extremely boost your chances of finding a job.

Our company values its reputation. It’s impossible to compose a decent resume without proper research, and it requires a lot of time. We prefer quality, not quantity

Contact Dr. Expat, We have over a decade of experience and understand the UAE market well, with a dedicated experienced team we are sure to find you the perfect job

Written by Farzana Patel

14th August 2023

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