Want to transfer from one Emirate to another?

If you are already working in one Emirate, the idea of going through the Licensing process again to relocate to a different Emirate can seem quite daunting. That is why Doctors in Dubai are proud to offer a specialist License Transfer Service.

Our License Transfer Service was created to help Doctors and other Healthcare Staff prepare for a new job in a different region. We utilise our unique skill-set, which helps medical professional apply for their UAE professional licensing on a daily basis.

There’s a reason that the transfer process can be so daunting. Those already working under a Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) license, a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license or a Ministry of Health (MOH) license that wish to relocate to a new region simply need to apply for a “transfer of license”. Although not a simple process, the application for DHA, MOH and HAAD is not automatically approved on the basis of having a license title in one authority. The candidate needs to Fulfill the Authorities licensure requirements stipulated in this PQR PER Authority. For HAAD, the transfer process can get a lot more difficult as license transfer applications will need to go through Data Flow Verification again, at least on the system (which Doctors in Dubai will arrange for you).

Those applying for a HAAD License must also have their credentialing linked to an employer. Without this, the application will automatically be rejected and you will need to start the whole process all over again!

Remember, Doctors in Dubai can not only help you to get your license transfer in place, but we can also help you to find your new job (essential for those wishing to transfer to the Health Authority Abu Dhabi!) If you’d like to know more, please email licensing@doctorsindubai.ae.

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