Got questions about relocating to the UAE? Take advantage of our new specialist consultation service?

Our specialist team of experienced consultants speak with Doctors and other Healthcare professionals on a daily basis to advise and support them with their plans to move to Dubai or other part of the UAE to take advantage of the financial benefits and lifestyle across the region.

In our experience, those thinking of relocating fall into the following two camps.

The first are those who have previously been to the UAE, or are perhaps currently working in one of the Emirates and thinking about moving to another. This group of people know a lot about the UAE and what to expect and already understand the licensing process. They look to Doctors in Dubai for assistance to obtain a new professional license in place or to find a suitable new job opportunity.

The second type of Doctor/Healthcare professional has never been to the UAE but has heard about the incredible financial rewards and lifestyle available to medical professionals here. Usually based in Europe, Canada, the USA or India, these professionals are looking for expert help and guidance to discuss the specific logistics of relocating to the UAE so that they (and their families) can enjoy the benefits of living here.

If you are someone who fits into the second group, then our consultation service is ideal for you. Our specialist service gives you the opportunity to arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our Directors to discuss the logistics of relocating to the UAE, what to expect in the region and to comprehensively discuss any and all of your questions.

You will be speaking to Mario (Head of Recruitment) or Kaneez (CEO). Both are British expats who between them have over twenty years’ experience of living and working in the UAE. They regularly speak with healthcare professionals and clients across the UAE every single day, so there is no-one more expertly placed to advise you on all aspects of relocating. Mario and Kaneez have also just returned from their latest successful seminar held across a number of cities in India last month.

This is our latest service providing comprehensive information and advice catered to your personal circumstances and it starts from only $149 USD. Simply get in touch with the team on and they will arrange your one-to-one consultation at a mutually convenient time.

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