The Reality of Transferring a UAE Professional License

Every day, we help Doctors and other Healthcare staff find jobs in the UAE and apply for UAE professional licensing. Because we’re uniquely placed to help Doctors apply for either MOH professional licensing; HAAD professional licensing or DHA professional licensing, we’re in the ideal position to guide medical professionals through this process.

For those Doctors already working in one Emirate and planning to relocate to live and work in another, we offer a license transfer service.

If you’re not already aware, Doctors who are currently working under a DHA license, MOH license or HAAD license who wish to relocate need to apply for a “transfer of license”. Now, for DHA and MOH this can be a straight-forward (albeit not “simple”) process. However, when it comes to HAAD licensing, it gets a bit more complicated!

For HAAD license transfer applications, you will still need to go through Data Flow verification (which we can conduct for you), although we use your previous report, however, we still need to input all the information again so the existing report can be evaluated.

Any Doctor who is already working in one of the other Emirates will be exempt from the examination. After Data Flow verification has been conducted, the next stage of the HAAD application process is credentialing (the process by which the application is assessed and approved, or disapproved). This can only be done if it is linked to an employer.

Basically, what this means that unless you have a job or potential employer, we will not immediately complete the next steps for you of credentialing and CID until so, as if the application is submitted to HAAD without it being linked to an employer, the system will automatically reject the application. You will then need to start the whole process (including Data Flow) all over again. The other important factor to bear in mind is that the Good Standing Certificate needs to have at least three months’ validity left, so once we submit your application for credentialing, we may need to ask you to provide a new Good Standing Certificate.

I’ve tried to break down the process as much as possible, however if you’re not sure, or you’d simply like us to take care of this for you including helping to find you a job, you can email and we’d be happy to help you.

Kaneez Nabijee
Doctors in Dubai

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