Demand for Healthcare Staff in Dubai set to increase dramatically

The increasing prevalence of medical tourism, combined with health care insurance becoming mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has led to a higher demand for healthcare facilities throughout the region.

The recent change in legislation for health insurance has meant that all sections of society now have access to treatment. This huge increase in the population seeking medical treatment, combined with an increasing focus on medical tourism means there is a huge opportunity for healthcare staff thinking about relocating and private investors looking to open medical facilities.

The Dubai Health Authority are seeking to enter into agreements with private healthcare providers to help augment the facilities it already has, as well as cater for the exponentially growing list of patients needing treatment.

Doctors in Dubai’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee commented on the developments: “For years Dubai has been one of the most sought after destinations for Doctors and Allied Health Staff who were looking to progress their careers and reap the incredible financial benefits of working here. These new changes are only going to make the opportunities available in Dubai more appealing, as there will be high demand for the skillsets of healthcare personnel.

“There will also be plenty of opportunities for Doctors looking to open up their own medical facilities to cater for this growing patient population.

Whether you are thinking of setting up your own clinic, or simply keen to benefit from the opportunities available to work here, get in touch with our team and we can help get you set up with everything you need to relocate.”

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