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Relocating yourself and your family to a new country can be a daunting process. The team at Doctor Expat know this better than anybody, as not only do we help people to relocate every day, but our senior managers are both British expats themselves, who have been through the process personally.

This means, if you’re thinking about relocating to Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, but want to chat through your options with someone, there is nobody better placed to help you than Doctor Expat.

We can answer your queries about your eligibility to work here, or chat through the realities of living in the UAE.

Our Relocation Guidance package is a service for Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare staff who are seriously considering relocating to the UAE to benefit from the amazing financial rewards and wonderful lifestyle here. This service offers you expert advice to discuss the specifics of relocating to put your mind at rest. Find out about everything involved with relocating.  Learn more about this service here.

Our Primary Assessment package is for Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare staff planning on relocating to the UAE but who are not sure about their eligibility to get the relevant license (e.g. DHA license, DOH license or MOH license) to work in the UAE. Our expert team of licensing specialists will fully assess all of your documentation and confirm eligibility with the relevant health authority. Learn more.

Both of these services are an invaluable way for you to check your eligibility and to discuss options before you start the full process of applying for your UAE professional licensing.


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