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Doctor Expats team of licensing experts will help you through the process of obtaining your eligibility for UAE Licensing, and let you know exactly what steps are involved. Before making full payment of the package, we will assess your documents to determine you are eligible to apply for the license as this is a crucial step.All the documents submitted will be verified according to the rules of the regulatory body. The following initial documents are required to be sent to us via email for the Primary Assessment. Once we have confirmed you are eligible and they meet the standards of the authorities, you can proceed with the application and payment for the package

  • Copy of CV
  • Bachelor's Degree certificate (not provisional)
  • Specialist Degree (Only for Specialist and Consultants)
  • Transcript of the Bachelor's Degree (for GP's only)
  • Valid Home Country professional council license
  • Experience Certificate for last 3 years (GP)
  • Experience Certificate for last 5 years (Specialists and Consultants)
  • Good Standing Certificate from the licensing authority validity of 3 months

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