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It seems like everywhere you look; someone has advice on conducting your job search. There are so many people offering advice it can get overwhelming.

When you need actionable tips on writing resumes, narrowing down career choices, and creating long-term career development goals, blogs are a great place to begin.

Hear from professionals with unique styles to get you to the next level of your career. Whether you’re a new graduate just beginning your career journey or somewhere in between, below are some great tips to help you excel.

Many articles are written by professional recruiters offering an inside scoop. Perhaps one of them will make all the difference in the outcome of your job search. After researching we have created many career blogs for you.

Ask the experts

If you need some sage advice from a no-nonsense source, Ask Dr Expat, our goal is to help you understand how companies think and find you the perfect job. You’ll be able to rephrase your questions for better results, target your performance for more promotional opportunities, and streamline your interviewing communications. Dr Expat is an excellent resource for any current or potential employee. From streamlining your resume to presenting better in an interview, you’ll find our resources are written from the perspective of an expert career coach.


There’s no doubt that job searching can be overwhelming. When you’re looking for a job, it’s great to have someone in your corner. Beyond our blog articles, did you know that we have a massive database of job postings that are updated daily and vetted to ensure they’re scam-free.

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