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There’s always room for improvement in a person’s career and life.

Self-improvement, whether professional or personal, is an ongoing process that requires daily attention. Working to be a better doctor will provide a goal to work towards, while also improving your career.

Whether you’re just beginning your career or you’re a doctor with an established career, it’s worth taking the time to do a self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement.

As a doctor yourself, you should always try to make your own health the number one priority because as we all know, you can’t look after others if you aren’t well yourself. Remember the airplane rule? Fix your oxygen mask before helping others. It’s a rule that everyone should live their lives by, especially doctors.


Of course, some factors cannot be changed, such as the nature of the job and the stresses that go with it. But with a bit of self-care, you should be able to manage how you cope with that stress and keep on top of your emotional well-being.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

Self-care doesn’t mean ‘by yourself

Self-care means putting your own emotional and physical well-being first. Often, this is done with the help of other professionals, not by simply trying to be your own doctor. If you are feeling depressed or low, or generally unwell, seek advice from another professional just as you’d tell your own patients to do.

Taking time off

It is well known within the industry that doctors from all areas of medicine are working too many hours. The impact of overworking is huge, not only on physical health but on emotional and mental health as well. Doctors need to put a plan into place to ensure they are getting the time off that they need to recover from the stress of work. If this isn’t possible within your current position it might be time to consider other options, like taking a weekend city breaks or trying a new hobby to destress

A balanced lifestyle

As part of self-care, doctors need to practice being healthy. Self-care is about sleeping well, eating well, and exercising. It is also about having other interests outside of work that help relieve the stresses of daily professional life.

All doctors should ensure they have a hobby they can do on their days off, one that will take their minds completely off their work and help them to relax. Having a hobby helps you to reconnect with the things that are important to you as well as the things that give you joy. It is a way of putting yourself first for a change after many hours of putting all your patient’s needs first.

Even if you love your job and that is the thing that gives you the most joy, it is still important to have something else to fall back on outside of work. This can be as simple as reading or playing golf.

No matter what it is, if it helps you relax and gives you joy it is worth taking some time out to indulge in it at least once a week.

Life satisfaction

In keeping with the theme above of giving yourself a break to continue enjoying your career, it is also important to take a break to enjoy your life as well. Putting some of your energy into getting back into a sport, hobby, or study that you once enjoyed will give you back your spark for life. It can also be a welcome relief from thinking about work 24/7. Doing well in your career as well as doing well in your life outside of work is very satisfying.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a saying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, (not just for patients)

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