Medical Jobs In Dubai: Separating Fact From Myth-2

Following on from the popularity of my last post on the myths and misconceptions about working as a Doctor in the UAE;

I have decided to provide another post addressing some of the questions myself and my team are repeatedly asked by the Doctors and healthcare professionals considering relocating.

As I have previously talked about, the Doctors in Dubai team are in correspondence with hundreds of Doctors and medical staff who are keen to find their next healthcare job in the UAE. If this is your first time working abroad, you will (naturally) have lots of questions.

See below for some popular myths that I am ‘busting this week, or view the last article to see what myths I’ve already proven false!

It’s hard for female doctors in the UAE
This is absolutely not the case. Women are well respected across the UAE and held in high regard. In Dubai especially, women occupy some very senior roles. Female doctors are held in especially high regard and are in extremely high demand in certain areas. For example, female gynaecologists are particularly sought after.

I can’t get prescription medication
This is not entirely true. There are certain prescription medications that are not permitted in the UAE, such as temazepan, codeine and diazepam. You can view a list of banned medications here ( Things like aspirin and paracetamol are all absolutely fine. You should also remember that there is a zero-tolerance policy on recreational drugs.

How will I find the Healthcare in Dubai for my family and myself?
There is a reason that you are currently reading this page. It’s because you’re thinking of relocating to the UAE. So are thousands of other Doctors and Healthcare professionals. Part of the reason for this is the value that is placed on healthcare and healthcare staff by the UAE government. This value translates directly into investment, meaning that the UAE has high healthcare standards.

UAE Recruitment Agencies will charge me to find me a job
Some unscrupulous agencies in the UAE may charge Doctors or other healthcare professionals a fee for finding them work. However, this should not be seen as the norm and Doctors in Dubai are actively combatting this trend. We NEVER charge Doctors or healthcare staff for helping them to find work – we always receive our fees from the medical facility where the medical professional’s job will be.

Once again, I hope that this information is useful to those of you considering your first healthcare job in the UAE. I will post some more “mythbusting” questions again shorty! In the meantime, if you would like more information on how we can help you to find your perfect UAE job, please just email us on

Kaneez Nabijee
Doctors in Dubai

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