The Dubai Health Authority Licensing Process

For many Doctors (and other healthcare professionals) thinking about relocating to the UAE, the licensing process can be extremely daunting.

Doctors wishing to secure their Dubai Health Authority License (for example) are often faced with a tremendous amount of paperwork in order to get everything in order so that they can apply for their Dubai License. Not only is the whole process incredibly time consuming, especially considering that it takes time away from Doctors doing their jobs, but the application can be a bit of a “minefield” if you’ve never done it before.

This is not intended to put you off applying for DHA License, as the pros of working in Dubai definitely makes the (admittedly arduous) application process worthwhile. The financial benefits of working here are incredibly compelling, and the climate is also a very popular factor for many of the Doctors I have spoken to!

So if you are considering relocating to the UAE and need to apply for and of your Licenses, here are my top tips:

Be very aware that you need to commit your time to this.
Before you’ve even found a job in Dubai, you need to have your license eligibility in place. Many healthcare employers will dismiss applicants without their eligibility out of hand due to the time factor. As mentioned above, the process of applying will be a drain on your time. On average, it can take some doctors up to six months to get their license when applying for it alone.

Consider the benefits of getting help.
Obviously, I have a vested interest in saying this as it’s my job to help Doctors to get their UAE License application in place on a daily basis. The most common argument against doing this is – why pay someone to do something I could do myself? This logic can be applied to all walks of life, not just UAE licensing. Why hire a painter to decorate your house? Why go out for a meal when you can cook for yourself? Why take your car for a valeting when you could clean and polish it yourself?
The reason is this: you are getting help from a professional to do something that they are an expert in.
We’ve got the UAE license application process down to a fine art – reducing the average six months application time to six to eight weeks! That means you could be finding a job faster and importantly be employed and earning more quickly. The feedback we constantly get is that our service ends up not only being cost-effective but also a massive stress reliever for our candidates – we take the weight completely off of their shoulders.

Be aware that there’s an exam in many cases
A formality for most, some Doctors aren’t aware that they will need to take an exam prior to receiving their UAE License unless they fall under the exemption criteria. We can help you prepare for this, even if you’ve decided to go for licensing solo, we do have some packages focused solely on exams style questions.

All in all I can tell you from experience that working in the UAE is extremely rewarding (both financially and from a career development perspective). I think that all healthcare professionals should go into the UAE licensing process with their eyes open – it can take a while and can be stressful but don’t be discouraged! Once you have the eligibility in place it opens up a whole world of possibilities to you!

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to drop me an email or alternatively give a member of our team a call on +971 4 311 6501.

Kaneez Nabijee
Dr Expat FZ LLC

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