Why are we different?

Dr Expat FZ LLC trading as Doctor Expat, a leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency in Dubai offers the complete solution for all Doctors, Dentists, and Allied Health Care Professionals who wish to secure their future in the UAE.

We have been established to fill a professional gap in the market. Hundreds of Medical Professionals, whether a Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse have found themselves spending hours searching various sites and posting numerous blogs to find the information they need.

With Doctor Expat, we have the answers to all your questions in preparation to working in the UAE. From assisting you with the registration process, obtaining your Professional Licence, to providing assistance in passing your exams, and then securing your future in the UAE, Doctor Expat will take away the lengthy burden of the registration process for all qualifying Medical Professions. We will assist you in passing the exams.

With our various affordable packages, our processes are straightforward and can suit every budget. In addition, if you see that your requirements are not being met with the packages we currently offer, you can always contact us and we will be happy to tailor a package which suits you!

Why are we different?

There are many Healthcare Agencies, Companies and Websites which may have the information you need. When it comes to choosing your future in another country, it can become a little overwhelming. Having all your answers in one place is what we found to be a key factor. Dr Expat FZ LLC aims to become the leading business for medical professionals wishing to secure their future in the UAE.

We like to think that our straightforward, easy to understand, and effective approach make us the perfect choice to help you take that step to work in the UAE, and we are here to answer all your questions.” Contact us today on info@doctorsindubai.ae with all your questions, we would be happy to assist.

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