‘’Are you accepting a job offer?”

Far too often, we jump into a new job without finding out about the company, and whether it will suit us in the long run.

Of course, you want to ensure that you fit in with the company, and are the kind of employee for whom they are looking. However, the company should also suit you, your lifestyle, and your financial needs.

How to evaluate a job offer

When you receive a job offer after a long job search, it can be quite exciting. But even if you want to accept the job right away, it is important to evaluate the offer before deciding.

There are many important criteria for evaluating a job offer, these will include things like research, considering the compensation package, analysing added benefits/rewards, living expenses, among a host of several others that are important to consider.

Where to search

  • Website: The best place to start is by going to the potential employer’s website. Any business will have some kind of online presence in the form of the main website.
  • Directories:  Business directories will provide further information that the company may not list on its website. You can do an online search for “business directory” and refine your search by including the type of industry they’re in or the name of the company.
  • Press Releases: These are news submitted to local and online media outlets, which go out to consumers. Sometimes they promote new products. Once again, use your internet search tool to find the business name along with the words, “press release.”
  • Social Media: Another excellent source is social media. you will be able to see how the public reacts to what they post, but you can also see upcoming events, plans, and ideas.

Compensation Package

The compensation you will receive should be the main point in your consideration. Think about your regular expenses and weigh those against what they offer. Will this be included in your salary, any bonuses, housing allowance etc?

Therefore, during your research, you should also find out what the average salary is for someone in your field and line of work. Will you be able to live off this amount of money?

Job Title and Description

Another crucial factor in evaluating a job offer is to understand the job title and the duties expected of you. Not only will this help you decisively decide if the job suits you, but it will also let you mentally prepare yourself for the tasks ahead. You want to ensure its within your capabilities and that you satisfy the employer’s requirements.

If at any point you don’t understand something or a question comes up not in the description, call the company. Depending on how large it is, you may have to reach out to the Human Resources Department. Whatever clarification you need, get it before accepting the offer.


Where your job is versus where you live can sometimes be two different aspects. While it may be tempting to jump into a job offer as soon as possible, you cannot do this without considering where you are going to live and its cost of living, it is a very important consideration.

When to Accept a Job Offer?

Acceptance of a job offer should be evaluated according to your own individual needs and career goals. After you have carefully evaluated a new job offer it is advisable to get back to the hiring manager as soon as possible to let them know about your decision.

As a job seeker, these are some of the main reasons why you may want to accept a job offer:

  • The company pays a salary that is higher than your current job.
  • The company has an amazing organisational culture which you would like to work in.
  • The benefits package offered by the company meets your needs.
  • The long-term prospect of the job is aligned with your career goals.
  • The company provides professional opportunities for development and growth.

Career Path

Last, but not least, consideration the potential it has for your future, building specific skill set for later, and gaining valuable training will help you move up the career ladder.

However, some people may be fine with having one job and doing that for many years without any plans for advancement.

Therefore, evaluate around your plans and where you’d like to go by working at this company, and your career goals.

Good Luck!

Written by Farzana Patel

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