What can I do if I don’t get paid?

Very occasionally in the UAE, you might find yourself in a situation where your salary is not paid on time. If you find yourself in this position, read through Doctor Expat’s handy guide of what you should do:

If you’re working in the UAE and your salary doesn’t get paid, please don’t panic. Your first step should be to contact your employer to see if there has been an error or a delay.

If you have done this, and still cannot find any resolution, the UAE has very strict labour laws in place to protect employees. This includes the Wages Protection System, which will support you in the scenario outlined above.

In terms of timelines of being able to report this:

  • If your salary hasn’t been paid within 10 days of when it was due, the employer is considered “late”
  • If it hasn’t been paid in a month, the employers are considered to be refusing to pay

The penalties for employers falling into the two categories above are severe. These include having their work permits revoked and being taken before judicial authorities. Company owners will also be punished across all companies they own and will be unable to register new companies. They could also be fined up to Dh50,000.

If you are in any doubt or need advice, contact the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) on or report a salary complaint

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