The UAE’s Dubai Health Authority Collaborating with the UK’s National Health Service

Recently the Dubai Health Authority met with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health and Innovation in the UK to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

The move has been welcomed by Doctors in Dubai and our CEO, Kaneez Nabijee, commented on the importance of collaboration. She said:

“There are already strong links between the Dubai Health Authority and the UK’s NHS, so I am delighted to see that His Excellency Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of the DHA met with representatives from the UK.

“There is a rich history of the UK and the UAE working together when it comes to medical treatment, preventative measures and scientific research. UK Doctors are in high demand in the UAE as we know how thorough their training is, and conversely from their point of view working in within the Dubai Health Authority can be an excellent way to gain valuable experience in a different setting from the UK, all whilst earning a sizeable income.”

You can read a more detailed report about the meeting here.

Kaneez Nabijee
Doctors in Dubai