Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility

*The following set of circumstances will result in no refund in part or whole of any fees paid to Doctor Expat.


  1. Authenticity of documents and information – the authenticity of documents and information provided to Doctor Expat through any medium (telephone, Whatsapp, Viber, email or other), is the responsibility of the applicant. Doctor Expat seeks to obtain the required information and documents to “qualify” the applicant’s eligibility to obtain the license(s) in question, we act in good faith that the information provided by the applicant is accurate


  1. Documents and information – if/when any documents and information that is required in order to continue to progress any application is not provided or unable to be provided, this will result in the application being suspended and or withdrawn


  1. Format instructions for information & documents – this includes but is not limited to the format and manner by which this information should be provided to Doctor Expat and also labelling any attachments provided in the manner and language requested. If the instructions are not carefully followed, it may result in a delay or suspension of the application


  1. Circumstances for the potential increase in costs – the following circumstance may occur at any time (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list). In such circumstances, the applicant will be responsible to cover the extra cost(s) communicated by Doctor Expat:


a. Paperwork and information not provided within a time-scale of approximately 2 months may result in an increase in the fees from the Health Authorities. This will result in the fees being payable by the applicant


b. A delay with the application due the following reasons:

  • License Title not matching the expertise certificates
  • Unclear documents
  • Non-recognized certificates by the Health regulatory
  • Incorrect/misleading information

c. A change in the governmental/Regulatory body fee structure (including but not limited to Primary Source Verification (PSV) or Exam fees etc.) after processing has begun for the applicant’s license will be notified to the applicant if and when needed

d. If additional documents are required, these may be verified at an additional cost of which the amount which will be notified to the applicant as needed

e. Should you decide not to continue with your application or we do not hear from you within a period of 1 year from date of initial application, we will assume that you are no longer interested in pursuing your license application and therefore your right to a refund will be void.


  1. Heath Authorities / Regulator body downgrading licenses – occasionally, the relevant regulatory committee, after assessment of your application may decide to approve a downgrade of the license that you have applied for, eg. (Consultant to Specialist)


  1. Unforeseen developments / changes with Heath Authorities / Regulator – occasionally, there may be unforeseen developments / changes within the relevant Health Authorities / Regulators requirements resulting in the application being suspended, returned or rejected


*The following set of circumstances will result in a refund in part or whole of any fees paid to Doctor Expat.


  1. Mistake / Error by the applicant – any payment(s) made by an applicant for a license package(s) that is clearly shown to be purchased in error will be subject to a refund subject to the stage of progress of the license(s) package concerned and the work already been undertaken including but not limited to administrative activities


  1. Mistake / Error by Doctor Expat License team – in this instance, a review and investigation will be conducted by a senior manager of Doctor Expat after which a decision will be given on what if any refund will be made


*Any and all claims will be reviewed by an authorised Senior Manager at Doctor Expat and a decision on the eligibility and amount for any qualifying refund will be determined by this senior manager. The Senior Manager’s decision will be final.


All Refunds will be directed through the original mode of payment only