Praise for the UAE’s recent Breast Cancer awareness campaign

There has been a raft of praise for the UAE from both the general public and health professionals alike for the UAE’s recent Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

The campaign has been highlighting aspects of this devastating disease, including the importance of screening and early detection, as well as the latest advancements in treatment.

One of the results of this issue being raised in the public consciousness is the increased focus on helping women to move forward with their lives after Breast Surgery. While this issue remains sadly lacking in many parts of the world, one of Doctors in Dubai’s contacts is championing the need for medical micro-pigmentation.

Deepti Mehra is a medical micro-pigmentation technician working in London with 9 years experience. She sees patients from centres such as the Royal Marsden Hospital in her Clinic in Surrey. She is bringing her skills of medical micro-pigmentation to the United Arab Emirates and is gaining much support from Breast Surgery Centres in the region.

Deepti discusses what she is doing: “it is a delicate topic and one which patients are not always aware of. Sometimes, a surgeon who is familiar with nipple and areola restoration will form a small protrubence of skin to match the nipple on the unaffected breast. I then use this to apply the medical tattoo technique and produce a nipple and areola. The aim is to match the unaffected breast as best possible and give a more normal appearance to the operated side.”

Treatment such as this is now sought by thousands of women. As awareness of this procedure grows, so does the confidence and self-esteem of breast cancer survivors. Women have the right to have their feminity and to have their body image cared for a holistic part of their Breast Cancer Treatment Pathway.

Deepti concludes: “Women are now asking for medical tattoo for the nipple and areola following their surgery and many now feel the surgery is not complete without it. In my own practice I am now seeing ladies who were operated on years ago who now, through increased awareness, are wanting micro-pigmentation for their breast.”

Medical tattoo of the nipple and areola has changed for good the way women who have undergone breast surgery view themselves and their future.

If you would like to know more about this topic, or if you are a medical facility and would like to offer this service, please get in contact with Deepti on