Scam Alert: Dr Expat’s Guide on how to Spot a Fake Offer

The explosion of fake jobs for healthcare professionals has reached all corners of the Internet, particularly on social media sites that may not be legally required or feel any obligation to remove fraudulent listings.

Email is also a common source of fake jobs and scams.

To help you identify them it’s important to learn to spot the tell-tale signs of fake jobs.

Here are a few notable red flags:

What are the warning signs of a job scam?

There are several signs that can help you recognise whether a job offer is a scam.

These include:

Payment required: The most common sign of a job scam is when you are asked to pay a certain amount of money to get a job especially towards the cost of a visa to a Tourism company. Employees do not pay the employer; it is supposed to be vice-versa.

Suspicious emails: Emails that do not include any form of formal contact information for the concerned organisation or sent from a personal account, (Hotmail, or mobile number) are usually employment scams. With regards to receiving a job offer through a personal email account, the scammer may use excuses like “the organisation’s server is down”, “the organisation is facing spam issues” or “the organisation has not set up its email accounts”. Scammers are smart and they will send emails from accounts that resemble the actual email account of an organisation

Unprofessional communication: Job offers containing grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation are scam emails as authentic job offers would not include such errors.

It’s Too Good to Be True 

Many fake recruiters trap their victims with offers of high-paying positions. Usually, they will promise a salary much higher than the industry standard or that does not correspond with your responsibilities. Scammers offer fake rewards to increase the chances that you will fall for their tricks. To avoid falling for such scams, thoroughly research the position you are interested in and be realistic in relation to what the industry standard is for the salary and benefits.

Find out your earning potential that corresponds with your skills, training, and experience if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Only Engage with Verified Recruiters

When looking for overseas employment, it is safer to be sceptical than naive. Before you apply for any job position, research the company, the recruiter, and additional details about the company. Check on your country’s Ministry of Labor whether the recruiter is licensed to help job seekers find employment. Always listen to your gut if it’s too good to be true, don’t engage with unverified recruiters.

Trust the Experts

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Written By Farzana Patel

17th September 2022

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