Advantages of Using a Recruitment Company

Changing things up in your career and looking for a new job can be stressful and nerve-wracking. We’ve all experienced it.

But it should also be exciting, especially once you finally land that role you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have to go through the process alone, and in fact, you can increase the likeliness of finding that dream job faster with the support of a recruitment agency.

Even with a great CV and cover letter, it can be hard to find the ideal role and get invited to an interview. But recruitment agencies can seriously fast-track the process.

Saves your (precious) time

Job searching, reading through specs, and researching companies can take hours. Specialist recruiters exist to take the hassle out of job searching and already have long-standing relationships in the industry. They are also most likely recruiting for more than one job for the companies making big moves in their sector. They know everything about a role(s) and have spent hours finding out all that entails and the career progression in a company, so you don’t have to – and you get access to all of this for free!

They know your market and the company

What does a recruitment consultant do? Many people commonly ask this question. We can’t speak for all of them of course, but the good ones get to know the companies they work with inside and out and have a fairly good idea of how they are placed in the market in terms of reputation. Dr Expat has a well-known reputation in the market of all major companies looking to hire great candidate.

If you want your next job to be a great fit across all areas, these factors must be taken into consideration, and by using a recruiter, you will.

 Get direct feedback 

Have you ever put your CV and/or cover letter forward, or attended an interview and never heard back from a company? Have you had to wait for ages for a follow-up? Some recruiters (including us) only work with clients that meet a certain standard when it comes to how they operate. The best recruiters will be in touch with you and their client throughout the process, regardless of feedback, and communicate honestly at each stage – and you, in turn, can benefit from getting feedback as soon as possible

Recruiters can help you identify your specialized talents and look for a job within their networks that might suit you.

So, have we convinced you to use a recruitment company to find your next job?

Get in touch with Dr Expat to see how we can help you!

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Written By Farzana Patel

3rd October 2022

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