New Skin Bank Set To Open in Dubai

Dubai continues to flourish as a medical tourism destination, bolstered by the recent announcement of the opening of the Middle East’s first skin bank, which is due to be opened in 2019.

The bank is set to open in within the Rashid Hospital complex in Dubai – the largest trauma care hospital in the region. The aim of the bank is to increase survival chances for those who suffer serious burns and require urgent skin grafts. Plastic surgeons and maxilla facial surgeons will also be utilising the bank to help reconstruct patients that have had to have skin removed due to cancer.

“This new facility will specialise in storing dermal grafts from donors,” Doctors in Dubai’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee explained. “It is wonderful to see that this new skin bank is planned for 2019 as it is yet another new medical facility opening in Dubai. Every day, we are talking to clients about the growth in the UAE’s health sector and how it is fast becoming one of the world’s premier destinations for medical advancements.

“When you think about all these new complexes opening, and combine that with the glorious climate and extremely lucrative financial rewards, it is no wonder why so many Doctors and other healthcare professionals are choosing to relocate to the UAE to take advantage of the quality of life available here.”

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