New Prices on Licensing Packages

It’s 2019 and Doctor Expat is delighted to announce that we are changing up our prices for our licensing packages.

Not only are our new licensing packages available at a reduced rate from previous packages; but also after listening to feedback from our customers we are making the breakdown of our charges more transparent. You can find this information easily accessible in our Packages Section.

In terms of the savings themselves, you can find a summary below:

Allied Health – 17% reduction (SAVE $180)
GP – 14% reduction (SAVE $194)
Specialist/Consultant – 17% reduction (SAVE $279)

Allied Health – 17% reduction (SAVE $180)

GP – 17% reduction (SAVE $247)
Specialist/Consultant – 19% reduction (SAVE $332)

Dual Packages
Allied Health – 34% reduction (SAVE $672)
GP – 28% reduction (SAVE $689)
Specialist/Consultant – 33% reduction (SAVE $967)

Triple Packages
Allied Health – 32% reduction (SAVE $771)
GP – 36% reduction (SAVE $1210)
Specialist/Consultant – 33% reduction (SAVE $1167)

To take advantage of these incredible discounts, and to get started on your journey to get your UAE Professional Licensing in place, please email or purchase the desired package through our licensing page.