New 160 Bed Rehab Hospital Opens In Abu Dhabi

Another exciting day for healthcare in the UAE, as a new rehabilitation hospital has opened in Abu Dhabi.

The Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital will offer long-term rehabilitation as well as acute and post-acute care; which will include speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals wishing to work in this hospital would need to first obtain a Health Authority Abu Dhabi License (HAAD License).

Doctor Expat’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee discussed the new hospital: “It is wonderful to hear that yet another world class hospital will be opening in the UAE. This new facility will have hydrotherapy and virtual reality treatments – once again highlighting that the UAE remains on the cutting edge of medical technology.”

“If any Doctors, Therapists or Nurses are interesting in relocating to Abu Dhabi from abroad then their best course of action would be to obtain their HAAD License first. Without a HAAD License, many employers will not even consider your application. Once you have the license though, it becomes much simpler to relocate as you are then much more appealing to potential employers.”

For those who are keen to relocate to the UAE, Doctor Expat can help you to arrange your HAAD Professional License. Visit our
HAAD Licensing page
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