King’s College Hospital Has Opened in Dubai

King’s College Hospital London has opened a new hospital based in Dubai Hills. The 100-bed facility is open for both inpatients and outpatients and will offer numerous specialties including paediatric orthopaedics and general surgery.

The hospital also boasts to be the only UAE hospital offering EOS imaging system technology, which offers doctors a 3D view of a patient’s musculoskeletal system. The facility will also offer specialised procedures such as foetal surgeries and reversing Type 2 diabetes.

Doctor Expat’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee commented on the opening of the new hospital: “It’s wonderful that the world-famous King’s College Hospital has opened a facility right here it Dubai. This continues to highlight Dubai’s swift ascension to the position of world leader in the field of healthcare.

“There continues to be a high demand for Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare professionals to staff facilities such as this one. If you are a medical professional looking for a new challenge in your career in 2019 then coming to live and work in Dubai can be hugely beneficial, both in terms of the lifestyle and salary benefits, and in terms on the positive impact it can have on your CV. If you would like to relocate to Dubai this year, then get in touch with us and we can help guide you through the process.”