Introducing The Primary Assessment

Introducing The Primary Assessment

If you’re a Doctor or healthcare professional looking for a new job in Dubai, then Doctors in Dubai is one of the best partners you can have on your journey. Not only can we help you find work from our network of hundreds of clients across the UAE, but we are also the best-positioned organisation to help you obtain your professional license.

Whether you are interested in obtaining your Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license; your Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) License or your Ministry of Health (MOH) license, the experience that our team has in assisting Doctors and other Healthcare professionals to find their new roles in the UAE is unparalleled.

What’s more, we’ve now launched a Primary Assessment service for Doctors who are considering relocating to the UAE but who are not sure where the best place to start would be. Costing only $99, our Primary Assessment team will assess ALL of your relevant documentation to determine what license(s) you are eligible for.

We will review all of the following for you:
• Your CV
• Your Home Country professional council license
• Your Degree certificate
• Your Specialist Degree (Specialist and Consultants)
• Your transcript of the Bachelor’s Degree (GPs)
• Experience Certificate for last 3 years (GP)
• Experience Certificate for last 5 years (Specialists and Consultants)
• Good Standing Certificate from the licensing authority validity of 3 months

All the documents submitted will be verified according to the rules of the regulatory body. Once we have confirmed your eligibility for UAE licensing we will contact you and you can then choose whether you wish to proceed with your application for a DHA license; HAAD license, MOH license; or indeed a combination of these licenses.

For more information on our primary assessment, please email or call +971 4 311 6501.