Introducing Our Newest Licensing Package

If you’d like to work in Dubai Healthcare City then you will need to obtain a DHCC License.

This unique license is essential if you want to work inside the Dubai Healthcare City Free zone – which has it’s own specific rules and regulations for medical professionals.

As with all UAE Professional Licensing, Doctors in Dubai are here to make the DHCC licensing process as seamless as possible for doctors and healthcare staff. We work closely with you to ensure you are able to get your DHCC license efficiently and expediently.

Commenting on the new license, Doctors in Dubai CEO Kaneez Nabijee said: “This specific Free Zone abides to different healthcare rules to the rest of Dubai, hence the reason it is not covered by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) License. Dubai Healthcare City is a thriving environment with plenty of opportunities for experienced Doctors and other healthcare staff. Due to our extensive knowledge of the region and comprehensive links with clinics and hospitals throughout the Free zone, we are ideally placed to both help you obtain your professional license and then to also help you find your perfect job here.”

Our DHCC Licensing Package starts from $675, and you can find more details about it here.