Huge Discounts on Allied Health Professional UAE Licensing

If you want to find an Allied Health Job in the UAE, then Doctors in Dubai have just made things a lot easier. Starting immediately we are offering some huge discounts on our Allied Health Professional UAE Licensing Packages.

These discounts will apply for a limited time only and are available to all Allied Health UAE Professional Licensing packages, which includes Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Radiographers and Technicians.

Doctors in Dubai’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee spoke about the discount: “We made the decision to offer a limited time discount of around 30% on all of our UAE Allied Health Professional Licensing packages, as these professions are in such high demand throughout the UAE at the moment.”

The discounts will apply on professional license transfers, single licensing packages and combined license packages. This includes Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Licensing, Heath Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) Licensing and Ministry of Health (MOH) Licensing.

The discounted prices are:

  • Single License Package = $699 (was $999) SAVE 30%
  • Combined License Package = $1098 (was $1600) SAVE 32%
  • License Transfer = $499 (was $699) SAVE 29%

Kaneez also discussed the opportunities available for Allied Health staff across the UAE: “These positions are in extraordinarily high demand, so now is the ideal time to apply for your professional license if you are thinking of relocating. It is always advisable to get your professional license in place before you start looking for work, as employers are significantly more likely to hire you if you already have your licensing in place.

“Whether you are a Nurse from the Philippines or a Radiographer from India; a Physiotherapist from the British Isles or a Psychologist from the USA, there is an incredible amount of opportunity for you here in the UAE.”

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