Healthcare Consultancy Service

Doctor Expat has a long and proud history of helping hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organisations across the UAE to find the best staff from around the globe.

In a competitive market that favours jobseekers it is more important than ever that your staffing is taken care of quickly and efficiently. But it is not just staffing which can present issues, which is why we are delighted to now offer our clients a 360 Healthcare Consultancy Service.

This end-to-end bespoke service helps both clinical and non-clinical healthcare organisations to develop and maintain an effective, productive and sustainable position in the market. Our consultants can provide you with everything from strategic development to thorough assessment; from enhancement of your services to complete executive management of your healthcare facility.

Services Include:
• Facility design/architecture
• Strategic planning
• Organisational infrastructure, recruitment and staffing
• Business plans and processes
• Branding, marketing and promotion
• Facilities management
• Clinical modelling
• Supply chain management
• Project management
• Legal and PRO services

Our consultants are all CEO and Board Level, meaning they have experience of how to do things correctly at the most senior level – so you know you will be in safe hands from day one.

Take the risk out of your enterprise and let us save you time, money and develop an efficient business with you in the driving seat. Contact us now for more information.