Does Your New Year’s Resolution Seem Like A Distant Memory?

Now that we’re in March, any New Year’s Resolutions that were made at the start of the year may seem like a distant memory. Sometimes life just happens and your resolutions get put on the back burner.

However, if your resolution was to find a new job in the UAE this year, then there is still plenty of time. Doctor Expat helps hundreds of Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and other Healthcare Professionals to secure new jobs across the UAE, as well as assisting them with DHA Licensing, HAAD Licensing, MOH Licensing and DHCC Licensing.

Doctor Expat’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee explained: “We talk to Doctors and other healthcare staff every day and one of the key questions we frequently get asked is whether you need a license in order to find a job. Because the UAE is a popular destination for medical professionals to come and work in, it means that clients can be picky with who they recruit. Sometimes the process to get the relevant UAE license in place can take months, so clients will always favour applicants who already hold the relevant UAE Professional License.”

This is one of the reasons that we recommend our candidates get their license(s) in place before starting to look for a job. In many ways, if you want to relocate to live and work in the UAE then you should view getting your UAE Professional License as the crucial “first step” on your journey.

Doctor Expat’s Primary Assessment Package is the ideal starting point for your journey. This package has been developed for Doctors and Healthcare professionals who are keen to relocate to the UAE but are not sure which licenses they are eligible for. Our expert team will fully assess all of your documentation and will confirm whether you are eligible for Dubai Health Authority Licensing, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi Licensing, Dubai Healthcare City Licensing or Ministry of Health Licensing. As an added incentive to put your New Year’s Resolution back on track, we’re offering an incredible 40% off of the Primary Assessment Package in March – meaning it costs only $60!

You can purchase the Primary Assessment Package here.