Doctors: Want to Run Your Own Medical Facility in Dubai?

It is the dream of many Doctors in Dubai to set up their own clinic. Many Doctors love the idea of being their own boss, and reaping the financial rewards of running their own medical facility.

In order to help Doctors wanting to run their own medical clinic, I have been working with the team at Doctors in Dubai to develop a way we can help Doctors to get started in running their own Medical Facility. I think that we have now got the perfect solution with our Medical Facility Package.

The package will care of everything that a Doctor would need in order to set up their own Medical Clinic in terms of the Initial and Final Approvals with the Dubai Health Authority. This includes:

  • Advising on all documentation required
  • Pre application checks
  • Submission to Dubai Health Authority
  • Point of contact with DHA for further information

We will also be able to advise Doctors on application costs, as well as giving advice on, finding a location and hiring staff once the facility has been set up. Depending on the type of Medical Facility you are setting up, the Dubai Health Authority charge different amounts. We will be able to give Doctors a full breakdown of Dubai Health Authority charges after you send us a proposal on your agreed location and company license details.

Our service fees for this exciting new service for Doctors start from AED15000. We recommend you also factor in at least AED10000-AED20,000 into your budget for additional costs like municipality fees, sponsor fees and name registration and reservation fees.

You will also need to think about location, staff, renting a facility, and real estate costs, and we have dedicated consultants who can advise you when thinking about these aspects.

So, if you’re a Doctor or Business Person who wants to set up your own medical clinic in Dubai, please email for more details on our Packages or call us on +971 4 311 6501.

Kaneez Nabijee
Doctors in Dubai

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