Blog: The Importance of a Great CV in Medical Recruitment

Here’s a secret that not all medical recruitment agencies in the UAE will tell you…it doesn’t matter how good or experienced you are – if you don’t have a decent CV then it’s unlikely you’ll be called to interview.

Even the most experienced Doctor can fall victim to the old adage “great product, terrible marketing.”

Perhaps part of the problem is the mindset of the above – healthcare staff applying for jobs in the UAE through medical recruitment agencies may not think that they need to “sell” their skills and experience; but this is a crucial element of any job application.


First Impressions Matter

If you are serious about coming to work in the UAE, then you will need to impress potential employers. Your CV and cover letter will be the first impression that you make – does yours really sell your skills and experience as much as it should?

A quality CV could be the difference between being shortlisted for a new position and being rejected before interview.


Securing Interviews

Doctors in Dubai has been one of the leading medical recruitment agencies in the UAE for years, and I can tell you from experience that once a Doctor or Healthcare professional is in front of an interview panel they tend to excel. This is because you are speaking about a subject that you are an expert in and the interviewers will see that expertise shine through. That’s why it is such a shame that some medical recruitment agencies in the UAE let candidates apply for work here with a poor CV. A great CV will ensure you’re noticed – a poor CV will likely mean your application ends up in the bin.


Formatting is huge

It’s all well and good getting all the pertinent information into your CV, but employers should be able to see that information easily. Make sure the relevant skills and experience relating to the role you are applying for a featured prominently.


For many Doctors, working a full time job whilst looking for a new role is time consuming enough. This is especially true if you are relocating to work in another country. While all decent medical recruitment agencies in the UAE will be able to offer tips and advice; the process is still going to be very time consuming. If you think you time would be more valuably spent on other matters, why not utilise our dedicated CV Enhancement Service to ensure that you “put your best foot forward.”

Our service takes the content of your existing CV and crafts it in such a way that all vital information is communicated to potential employers clearly and concisely. We correct any grammatical or spelling issues, and remove any information that will be irrelevant to your application. At the end of the process our expert team will present you with an enhanced CV that not only saves you time, stress and hassle but also maximises your chances of being shortlisted.

Remember, however you approach getting your CV ready to send to potential employers it is a key (and often forgotten) part of the employment process. So make sure you don’t “fall at the first hurdle” by creating an outstanding CV that will make your application unforgettable.


Mario Anthony
Head of Recruitment
Doctors in Dubai

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