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UAE leading the way with future technologies

It really is an exciting time to be working in medicine in the UAE, as our nation continues to embrace new technologies and investigate ways they can be utilised to improve patient health.

Firstly, came the news this week that the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) are already embracing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in areas such as chest X-Rays, retinal scans and 3D printing of prosthetics, where AI is used to compare patient measurements and develop prosthetic limbs to specification. The use of 3D printed silicone heart valves is also being championed in the UAE as a means to tackle the waiting list for those requiring a heart transplant.

AI is also seen as a useful tool for analysing DNA, making predictions of potential genetic conditions or diseases that people are susceptible to.

“It is wonderful to see so many medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology being developed in Dubai,” Doctor Expat’s Kaneez Nabijee explained. “With developments like this it is easy to see why so many Doctors want to come and work in Dubai and be part of this. The fact that the DHA is at the forefront of these new technologies is just one of the reasons that we’re seeing a high demand for our DHA Licensing Packages. If you are a Doctor who wants to come and work in Dubai, please get in touch with us and we can help find you your next role.”

Another New Hospital Set to Open in Dubai

Dubai continues to be a centre for global medical excellence and a top destination for medical tourism. This is reinforced by the announcement that a new 150-bed hospital has just opened in Al Ghusais.

The hospital is part of Aster DM Health Care and will focus on organ transplants, neurology, critical care and neo-natal units. It will also treat lifestyle diseases.

“Doctors wishing to apply to work in hospitals such as this one in Dubai, will need to secure a Dubai Health Authority License,” Doctor Expat’s CEO Kaneez Nabijee explained. “With Dubai’s burgeoning reputation as a hotbed for medical excellence and more visitors than ever coming to the country for medical tourism, there has never been a better time for Doctors and Healthcare staff to relocate themselves to the UAE. That said, it is important that these medical professionals understand that in order to secure work in Dubai they will need a Dubai Health Authority License. Doctor Expat offers the double benefit of not only helping them get through this licensing process, but we can also utilise our network of hundreds of clients across Dubai to secure them work as well.”

New Prices on Licensing Packages

It’s 2019 and Doctor Expat is delighted to announce that we are changing up our prices for our licensing packages.

Not only are our new licensing packages available at a reduced rate from previous packages; but also after listening to feedback from our customers we are making the breakdown of our charges more transparent. You can find this information easily accessible in our Packages Section.

In terms of the savings themselves, you can find a summary below:

Allied Health – 17% reduction (SAVE $180)
GP – 14% reduction (SAVE $194)
Specialist/Consultant – 17% reduction (SAVE $279)

Allied Health – 17% reduction (SAVE $180)

GP – 17% reduction (SAVE $247)
Specialist/Consultant – 19% reduction (SAVE $332)

Dual Packages
Allied Health – 34% reduction (SAVE $672)
GP – 28% reduction (SAVE $689)
Specialist/Consultant – 33% reduction (SAVE $967)

Triple Packages
Allied Health – 32% reduction (SAVE $771)
GP – 36% reduction (SAVE $1210)
Specialist/Consultant – 33% reduction (SAVE $1167)

To take advantage of these incredible discounts, and to get started on your journey to get your UAE Professional Licensing in place, please email or purchase the desired package through our licensing page.