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New Hospitals Announced For Dubai

If you want to work as a Doctor in Dubai, or are a healthcare professional looking for a healthcare job in Dubai then your skills are in very high demand.

The healthcare market across the UAE is thriving with Dubai investing heavily in new hospitals. A recent report from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) says that over the next three years they will be opening twelve new private hospitals, which will add 875 beds.

The DHA also confirmed that seven existing hospitals will undergo expansion, creating a further 750 beds.

Kaneez Nabijee, CEO of Doctors in Dubai says that this is proof that Dubai is continuing to invest in the healthcare sector. She explained: “The news from the DHA is wonderful as it shows that Dubai is committed to being a global centre for healthcare excellence. Here at Doctors in Dubai we are receiving applications on a daily basis for DHA Licensing for Doctors and other Healthcare staff who are determined to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Dubai healthcare sector.”

Kaneez’s comments are highlighted by official figures, which reveal that there are currently over 36,000 licensed physicians in the region, with nearly 14,000 of these new licenses.

“At Doctors in Dubai we perhaps see more applications for licenses than normal, because our team are the leading experts at DHA licensing applications. For most Doctors, the application process takes about six weeks, but our team apply on the behalf of healthcare staff daily, so have efficiently streamlined the process to about six to eight weeks on average.”

Finally, Kaneez had some advice to those considering applying for a Doctor job in Dubai: “Just go for it. The financial and lifestyle rewards of working in Dubai are well documented and with this recent announcement from the DHA about twelve new hospitals there are plenty of jobs available. Dubai really is the land of opportunity for healthcare staff.”

If you’re thinking of relocating to Dubai but aren’t sure if you are eligible, why not take advantage of Doctors in Dubai’s Primary Assessment Service. You can find out more here.

Healthcare for Doctors and healthcare staff

If you are thinking about relocating to the UAE to work, then you will want to know the quality of life you will be getting here. The financial benefits of working as a Doctor in Dubai are clear, as is the huge boost on your CV were you to work as a Dentist in Abu Dhabi (for example).

One element that you may be thinking about is the quality of healthcare that you (and your family) would receive should you start a new healthcare job in the UAE.

First of all, let me assure you that the quality of healthcare in the UAE is very high. The excellent financial rewards on offer attracts some of the best Doctors to jobs in the UAE from across the globe. The government invests heavily in healthcare spending too.

This investment is continuing throughout the coming years, as a recent report has revealed that the UAE should have $1.5 bn share of the global IVF market by 2020.

Expatriates working in healthcare can be assured that they will receive excellent healthcare themselves, which is one of the plethora of reasons why so much top medical talent is choosing to relocate to the UAE to start families. In fact, a recent article highlighted that a new baby is born in Dubai every three-and-a-half hours, and that in 2016 there were 22,755 expatriate births compared to 7,728 Emiratis.

If you are interested in joining the ever-growing number of Doctors working in the UAE, please get in touch with us for more details.